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Experience the Power of Kai

Confidence and comfort collide in the new standard of self-expression with Kai. Shine bright with confidence and achieve your deepest desires by accessing the power that has always been within you. Sustainability and expression blend together to form an experience unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. With eco-friendly practices in mind, Kai empowers our customers to be victorious in all aspects of their life. 


In the Asian culture, “Kai” has a number of meanings: ocean (海), restoration, recovery, warrior and victory. These attributes have served as the cornerstone of our CEO and Founder, Kate Chang’s story. Her journey through trials combined with her determination and personal growth served as the inspiration to found Kai Athleisure Wear. Creativity meets functionality with our unique brand of yoga and leisure wear.

Meet the founder

Kate, founder of Kai, is a champion of individual expression and personal recovery. Her goal is to inspire confidence and self-expression through the styling choices she provides. Growing up as a chubby little girl raised by a very strict family in Taiwan, she seldom felt safe or confident enough to truly express herself. After attending University, she discovered that fashion served as an outlet for her to unleash her true potential. 


Her transformative journey led her to realize that true beauty and genuine power comes from within. Today, Kate hopes her “Athleisure Wear” will allow those who are touched by her fresh approach to traditional yoga wear and fabrics to achieve the true self-expression and unparalleled confidence that every woman deserves to feel.

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