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Meditating in Nature

The Mission of Kai

Overconsumption in the fashion industry is accelerating and becoming a true crisis. Kai is dedicated to creating ethical products by providing unrivaled eco-conscious, inclusive and sustainable athleisure wear while creating a community hub where people can learn the empowerment of love (愛) for themselves. This aligns with the restoration meaning of Kai, which we understand is the responsibility of all of us to Mother Earth.

The cornerstone of the vision of Kai is to empower women to reach the pinnacle of victory in all aspects of their lives. Kai’s “Theory of Change” functions as the handbook to achieve true grace and elegance by challenging the status quo of beauty standards across the globe .

Celebrate uniqueness with Kai

Fashion is more than just the clothes on your back. It is a statement that evokes feelings of professionalism, class, social status, and philanthropy. Our focus is to represent  elements of  the latest fashion trends from across the world and create luxury  ‘chic wear’ aimed to inspire people to unleash their inner confidence wherever they go. Occasions become events with Kai. 

“Our fashion is not just a style, it is a LIFESTYLE” - Kai

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